The Spray Foam Problem

  • Insulation for fire retardant causes chemical soup
  • Firefighters are often diagnosed with rear cancer after fighting these fires
  • The government does not make available the documents that reflect the testing of these materials
  • It appears that these spray lining chemicals don’t protect that well from fire
  • The little help it does offer is not worth the damage in cases that it does ignite
  • Billions in Health Care Cost to support long term cancers with firefighters

Spraying Foam Insulation and Lining companies are spraying potentially cancer causing materials into residential properties as well as comercial properties in florida, new york, new jersey and other states. The complaints have arisen in numerous states and only through class action lawsuit will we get any relief.

Article About Spray Scam

Spray Coating Scam

Roof Coatings Sales Scam

This has been a huge problem in general throughout the coatings industry at the sales level. Unfortunately, these coatings are highly subjective as to effectiveness, advancements over other technology, and general properties. This gives the sales sector a lot of room to be subjective. And, as you know it is common for sales people to state opinions or unsubstantiated statements as fact in the sales process in order to create desire or impress need upon a product or service.

Recent scam – Thermal Tile Coating

Customers are told about a way to save money on electric bills by coating their roof tiles with a thermal lining that is not sprayed on, but rolled. This is a scam because of the function of roof vents. Roof vents are used to prevent the build up of condensation, they partly explain why the loft is always cold and breezy in the winter. They also serve to expel warm air in the summer time. So, in short, these thermal tile coatings are a complete scam. Customers have complained enough that there is now this Roof Coating Scam Site

Generally, thermal coatings are intended to REFLECT heat. They do not absorb and insulate AT ALL.

Business Scams

Outside of Lining and Spray Coatings

Government Job Scam

Scam artists are trying to make money off of people looking for federal or postal jobs. These scammers advertise in local newspapers or online and offer to help job seekers seek federal and postal jobs for a fee. Some even try to hoodwink people by using company names that sound like federal agencies, like the “U.S. Agency for Career Advancement” or the “Postal Employment Service.”

Some con artists trick people by claiming that employment positions are open locally. Then they charge for study materials in order to prepare for federal tests. The problem is that these false companies don’t actually carry certified materials for any testing. You call and are told you qualify — you just need to pay for study materials to ensure a high score on the postal exam. They may even say the money is refundable if you don’t pass the exam.

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